Print Form Form 110 RELEASE TO RETURN TO WORK PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE Instructions: This form must be submitted when an injured workers' temporary disability compensation is less than 90 days. The form
June 17, 2015
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing blank return to work forms

hey it's Bernard Nonnberg with the number law firm I wanted to talk to you about an important situation that comes up in almost every case that we have when someone is employed and they're under doctor's care and they have the paperwork from the doctor called the return to work notice or return to work status why is that paper important and what do you do with it well that paper is supposed to go from your hands to your employer's hands and it also should go to your lawyer that paper should be the site of what's going on with your medical care and the doctors opinions about what you can and cannot be doing in the workplace hopefully before the doctors fill that paperwork out you've explained to him or her what type of job you do the physical requirements of it and you've discussed with the doctor while you're in there being evaluated and treated and examined your concerns about those things how you're feeling now where you are in your medical care and whether you can do those things at the workplace one handy thing might be for you to write down all your questions before you go see the doctor because some people get nervous so they forget about those things but that paper is a very important document that paper needs to go to your lawyer so your lawyer will know how to protect your rights that paper also goes to the employer so you stay in compliance with the requirements that the debt that the employer needs and as well as that paper will end up with the workers comp adjuster as well because if you're taking off of work or if the company cannot accommodate the return to work restrictions limitations then weekly comp benefits may be due to you while you're not at work if you have questions or concerns about those things please give us a call David now can be reached at 205 nine-30 6900 Nonnberg law comm is our website we're also on facebook as well as Thanks